The Original Fare

We just found another very cool media project we warmly recommend: The Original Fare.

Original Fare Logo
In their own words:

Original Fare is for those seeking authenticity, craving originality, and striving to experience the most hand crafted, unique fare our country creates. Having spent the last six years constantly on the road seeking home-grown goods and local adventures, we decided to pick up our cameras and share the stories and places we’re obsessed with. We invite you to watch, read, share, suggest, and become a part of the go-to guide for traveling, eating and cooking local craft fare.

Very much like us! It’s great to see the foodcrafting spirit is strong and growing!

On their site, you will find a bunch of short movies on fun topics, from how to grow (& eat) your own snails (and not nails!), to moonshiners making real whiskey (and not whisky!) for generations, or even how to dig for clams (with our hunter/gatherer/forager superhero Hank Shaw) and turn them into the most delicious clam chowder. The videos are exceptional, deliciously witty, and leave you craving for more.

As appetizer, watch below their feature on a true american whiskey – Tennessee white whiskey (and boy do they appreciate the fine drink, just like ourselves), before heading to their website and showing them some love with a like on Facebook!



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