Penang, Asia’s street food capital

Penang, a tiny island off the Malaysian coast and recognised as having the Best Street Food in Asia by Time magazine in 2004.

I’ve been to Malaysia in late 2010 and always wanted to share some of the incredible food I had there. It was, indeed, incredible! I just can’t forget how flavorful those roadside laksa were.20100820-IMG_0752 20100821-IMG_0936 20100821-IMG_0973 20100821-IMG_0990 20100821-IMG_0998 20100822-IMG_1165 20100822-IMG_1166 20100822-IMG_1167 20100822-IMG_1169 20100822-IMG_1263 20100822-IMG_1266 20100822-IMG_1389 20100822-IMG_1391 20100822-IMG_1392



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