Nude Espresso, Shoreditch, London, UK

Making our way through the packed streets of Shoreditch on a busy “fashion sales” day – which felt more like Pamplona than London – we stumbled upon the lovely Nude Espresso (ok, truth is we didn’t land there by pure coincidence…), just off Brick Lane. Ideal place to rest a bit and get a much-needed coffee!

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Packed as one would expect, the friendly staff rapidly got us a table and our order. A lovely orange-infused gluten-free cake joined us at the table a few minutes later as well, and it was delicious! Moist and not too sweet.


For the coffee, there is not much to be said, other than it was fabulous. Dark and deep, creamy, robust. The kind of coffee that makes the espresso in your average coffee shop feel like flavoured water. They have quite a lot of bean varieties and roast it themselves, which you can order online, and they even give barrista training courses. Moreover, absolutely do check their blog which is packed with great content about the craft of coffee. Hmm… as we just moved to London, we might need an espresso machine, so I guess one from la marzocco like theirs would be nice in our kitchen…

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What else to say than this is an excellent place for serious coffee lovers! Great crafters at work for an outstanding result. Check out their lovely intro below and absolutely give it a try next time you’re in town:

It’s absolutely fascinating to see how the coffee scene in London has matured over the last years, with the likes of KaffeinePrufrock or Monmoth where discerning amateurs of great coffee can now access the real deal without a flight to Italy! We are super-excited to see that the coffee roasting and brewing craft is definitely strong and growing in the city, and we hope to see more place like Nude!


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Nude Espresso, 26 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR



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