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For any meat-eater who’s ever been to London, the question of trying St. John or not has more than likely been considered. Certainly not a place for the faint of heart or for those macrobiotic friends of yours that consider a grilled chicken breast the most extreme exposure with animal proteins, this is a temple for culinary explorers that wouldn’t mind a caramelised veal heart on a slice of home-baked sourdough.


The food here is honest, simple, quintessentially British, meaty, and simply excellent. Certainly nothing on the menu will bear any resemblance to yuzu espumas and alike. Your vegetarian friends will certainly try to steal your pickles and discreet green leaves on your plate to survive, and it’s totally ok, because the star here is the Animal in your plate, in all forms and shapes.


They have their own bakery in house and some wonderful items, such as the famous Eccles cake. So go ahead, try anything from the menu – as long as you order the bone marrow on bread, you’ll be alright. The only way you could go wrong at St. John is by not going to St. John.  A fantastic place for great food without fuss and fanciness, along with a perfect glass of wine and good friends.

Insiders tip: the best time to get there is Thursday or Friday 10am-ish, they do the most amazing doughnuts in the world!! Very limited supplies, so get there early.

St-John-London-2 St-John-London-1 St-John-London-3 St-John-London-5 St-John-London-7 St-John-London-8 St-John-London-9 St-John-London-10 St-John-London-11 St-John-London-12 St-John-London-13 St-John-London-14St John, 26 St. John Street, London, EC1M 4AY

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