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We just received  yesterday our copy of Gather Journal. Pure gorgeousness!

Gather Journal - magazine cover - issue #2

In their own words:

We started Gather because of a shared love of food and cooking, and a desire to create a magazine with staying power on your bookshelf; one that you could return to again and again for inspiration. If we can, with our recipes, words, and images, inspire a great meal and maybe a smile, then we are satisfied.

Cheers, Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo

We absolutely love Gather – it’s one of those exceptional modern design & food marvels out there, and the proof that paper print media is everything but dead. Especially if you put passion and talent in a shaker, with an amazing team of editors and photographers, the result is stunning and makes you laugh at the pre-gather era of food publishing. Definitely the spearhead of contemporary food magazine publishing!

Sublime pagesetting, dark and strong photographs, amazing and dramatic recipes (issue #2 was devote to smoke & ash, so a bunch of recipes have a Hitchcokian atmosphere to them, such as “roasted tomatoes with ash cheese”). We sadly didn’t get hold of their first issue (anyone selling theirs???), but #2 & #3 are still available (on our bookshelf).

The support is such a nice, heavy, and mate paper that holds perfectly with their tasteful layout & typography. The text is incredibly smart and witty, with short and crisp notes all over the place and original anecdotes by talented writers. This is pure genius at work that might put at risk your kid’s college fund because the moment you have a gather in your hands, the only thing that comes to your mind is “Here, take everything you want, but please don’t let me miss an issue anymore. Ever.” No wonder they received the coveted James Beard’s foundation medal!

Unfortunately, it comes out only twice a year, so we end up re-reading them to make our waiting for their next issue more bearable. In the meanwhile, how about trying some of their recipes? Or a least give them some love on facebook (likes are so passé)!



41-1024x768Among the many talented photographers that contribute to Gather, we particularly like the delicate shots from the talented Marcus Nilsson. A few examples of his work below!

gatherjournal_amusechapter-1gatherjournal_amusechapter-2 gatherjournal_amusechapter-3 gatherjournal_amusechapter-4 gatherjournal_amusechapter-5 gatherjournal_amusechapter-7 gatherjournal_amusechapter-6

You can still find them on Amazon (Gather Journal: Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2013, Traces & Gather Journal: Issue 3, Spring/Summer 2013, Rough Cut) so hurry up before they’re gone!

What other gorgeous & inspiring food magazines do you know of? Share them in the comments below with our readers!




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