Arabica London – Levantine Feast

Arabica Bar & Kitchen is a cozy and friendly middle-eastern restaurant based in the notorious Borough Market. Usually not open on Sundays, they decided to change this by offering a refreshing alternative to a classic roast: a Levantine feast. The launch event was nothing short of a beer & food pairing guided by the energetic & fun Melissa Cole.

The whole thing started off nicely with an innocent Pilsner from the nearby Fourpure brewery to accompany some delicious homemade pickles & roasted cashews, then followed by their Session IPA and Pale Ale along with creamy and rich dips such as hummuscacik, and moutabel. But, it wasn’t long before we found ourselves hammered with some serious artillery such as a Chouffe (8% ABV), Fuller’s Imperial Stout (10.7%), or the luscious Stout or Brown ales by the creative gang at Anspach & Hobday. All of that for a Sunday brunch…

What else to say other than the beers were all excellent, the food was delicious, and the pairing spot-on! Oh, and the seven hour slow cooked lamb with cinnamon rice… absolutely divine! Absolutely recommended, and we’ll clearly be back for some more (like for their upcoming Lebanese Wine & food feast, for example?)

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