Simplest (and best) dessert in the world

You want to make the most delicious desert ever and impress your guests big time? Then try this recipe! Ridiculously simple and absolutely phenomenal. At first, tahini with sweet foods might sound strange to use, but frankly… why not? And when you try it…

Ice Cream with Honey and Tahini, Fattoush, Haifa, Israel

You can use any ice cream flavour you want, but we recommend simple and clean flavours such as milk, vanilla, or almonds. Avoid anything sour, coloured, or funky (not sure about After Eight or forest fruits…) Tell us what you think!!

Tahini Ice Cream


  • 4 scoops Ice cream
  • 40ml Tahini
  • 40g Pistacchio (crushed)
  • 40ml Honey


Step 1
Put 2 scoops of ice cream per serving glass
Step 2
Pour half of the tahini and half of the honey over each glass
Step 3
Finally, sprinkle the crushed pistacchio (if it’s too fine-grained you won’t the necessary flavour and bite, so ideally crush them roughly in a mortar and pestle just before serving).
Step 4




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