Cawston Press Apple Juices

An ideal summer drink has to be refreshing, punchy, and not very sweet. Cawston press juices do have it all. Since we tried those guys for the first time, we pretty much fell in love, and our favourite is the rhubarb one. And maybe the elderflower one too. We’re not quite sure yet…


These come in a few varieties (cloudy apple, apple lemonade, apple and elderflower, and more), all made with fresh apples picked at their peak (“Cox’s Orange Pippin for its depth of flavour and Bramley for its bite” in the cloudy apple one). Obviously free from nasties – like everything we talk about here – they are not even made from concentrate, nor do they contain any artificial flavourings, sweeteners and such.



Although they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, in this case the juice is certainly on par with its awesome packaging. All flavours are delicious, and once the cork is popped, we find it quite difficult to leave any for next day’s breakfast.


If you’ve never tried these (which is hard to believe if you’re in the UK), give it a go. Especially worth tasting are their new pop drinks range, I can’t think of anything better than this when it’s hot out there. Or rainy, like today.


Those folks have been bravely pressing apples in Berkshire (UK) since 1986, and have been able to reinvent something as basic as apple juice to keep up with modern times, and flourish without compromising quality. We love that spirit and that’s exactly the kind of products we want to see (& especially taste) more often, so we’d like raise our glass to them. A glass of what? See below the next picture!


Here is our take for a late summer (or early autumn, really) on a cocktail with the Apple & Ginger one, topped with some extra spice.

cawston-press-juice-7 cawston-press-juice-8

Pommes pom cal


  • 60ml Cawston Press Apple & Ginger Juice
  • 45ml Pomegranate Juice (e.g. Pom)
  • 60ml Mezcal (smoked, ideally Del Maguey)


Step 1
Mix all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well for 1 minute.
Step 2
Strain & serve in a chilled high glass (margarita or champagne flûte)

Important “just so you know”: we do not get paid/endorsed by the product or brands we talk about in any manner. We choose the products we feature based on their “craftness” and honesty, and simply because we love them, their stories, and especially the brilliant artisans that made them. We will never deliberately talk about a product/crafter that is not aligned with our own principles!!!



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