If you are an artisan, a producer, a restaurateur with the same values as ours and you can say a proud “YES” to all points below, then you are a FoodCrafter.

If you are a discerning eater, love your food filled with real ingredients, and would like more producers to follow the guidelines below, please support our cause by sharing this manifesto on your networks (liking, sharing, tweeting). The more people on board, the bigger impact our manifesto will have!

The FoodCrafters Manifesto

We believe in a food system that is good for the planet and its inhabitants. We are in business to make exceptional products that make our customers happy, and simply to make this world a better place.

We are the FoodCrafters and this is our pledge.

1. We never compromise the integrity of our products.

Our priority is to deliver the best product we can and we never cut corners to squeeze out a few more pennies. We use technology only when it does not affect the quality or integrity of the final product. We might use machines for packaging or labelling, but always use manual labour where it matters.

2. We only use real ingredients.

Our products are made with real ingredients, not chemicals. Our products do not contain any harmful additives such as chemical flavourings or preservatives. If needed, we’ll only use healthy and natural flavourings, colorants (turmeric, beetroot), emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives (rosemary, salt) or acidity regulators (citric acid).

3. We use only high-quality produce or meat.

Not all our ingredients are organic, but we care deeply about their provenance. We only use meat produced with animal welfare in mind. Vegetables have been sourced locally and in season when possible, and do our best to ensure they were produced without harmful pesticides or “modern” intensive farming methods.

4. We minimise our environmental footprint.

We prioritise local ingredients when possible and available. We opt for environment-friendly packaging, transportation and manufacturing processes. We minimise or recycle most of our production waste.

5. We treat well our suppliers and employees.

We don’t screw the people we work with. We are in business to have fun, and money comes second. Our wages reflect the hard work done by our team, and our prices reflect the quality of ingredients and work we put in our products and services. When you buy our food you pay for our dedication, hard work, and top quality ingredients we put in our food, not for lousy marketing plots or our shareholders yachts.

6. We care about our customers.

Our customer’s trust is our biggest asset and we treat each one of them with the respect they deserve. If we let them down we will go the extra mile to fix our mistakes. We take the time to read each of our customer requests & messages, and try to address and satisfy as many as we can.

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