What’s this about?

This is a personal project we spend our weekends and nights on. We document sustainable, authentic, and intelligent food artisans around the world. We only publish original and gorgeous content using media we created ourselves or have the rights to use. The thoughts and opinions we share here represent only our own personal views, and by no means the views or position of our employers or sponsors.


Loading pages & photos is so slow!! What’s going on?

Well, just like a good cheese takes time to mature, our site is packed with high-resolution images for your viewing pleasure. Be patient as all good things come to those who wait.


Am I a FoodCrafter?

If you did your own mayonnaise to nap a nice roast you just cooked in the oven, YES! If you usually eat deep frozen pizza bought from the nearest megastore, NO… but you can change this! If you infuse your own bitters for weeks and would like to sell them online, DEFINITELY!


I have this great product, how much to advertise it on FC?

Well, it is actually FREE. And you know why? Because we don’t advertise products that do not fit our philosophy. If your best buddy set up his own root beer brewery in Iceland, or your grand-ma makes the best pickles in the universe, we’d love to hear about it.


I love what you do and I’m also a writer, how can I contribute?

We warmly welcome external contributions (text/photos/videos), as long as they meet these criteria:
  1. We prefer original content that has not been published elsewhere.
  2. We do not publish content about products that are not crafted or have an authentic character.
  3. We have super high standards, so your media should be clean, beautiful, and in high resolution (image width > 1000 pixels). Yes, pixelated and noisy photos of a uniform mole you did with your phone in a dark pulqueria in Guerrero won’t likely get published. If you have scanned film shots you did with a Bronica in that same pulqueria and want to share your experience about the local consumption and production of pulque, absolutely do get in touch!
  4. We will discard “blogvertisements”, pseudo blog posts that just link to your SEO-loaded social money-making machine.
  5. We do not remunerate our contributions (we don’t make money here), but we will happily link to your profile/website/portfolio, as long as you give us rights to display your watermark-free images or videos on our site and social network channels.

So FC is another restaurant review site, right?

No. We do not “review” restaurants or products because there are many other sites that tell you places and things to avoid. We only document places we liked where the food was great and authentic. If we don’t like something then we simply won’t talk about it.


Hey, if I pay you a trip to our hunting lodge in Alaska, will you come take some gorgeous shots and blog about it?

Hell yeah! Bring it on! :-)

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