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Do you fancy street food just as much as we do?

If you’re more into greasy, juicy, not-so-healthy, meaty street food than into high-end snobby, fancy, foamy, frosty, artsy bites, then the Street Food Europe festival at the Dalston yard was the place to be this weekend! Among the 27 other food festivals going on in town… It was organised by Tweat Up, which is a regular meet up of people on Twitter involving eating and drinking.

Welcome to Street Food Europe Street Food Europe Aperol Spritz

A terrific sample of the best food Europe streets have to offer in an abandoned car-park/factory is just the right kick to chill after a long week. Talking about chilling, or chillies more precisely, the first thing we landed on was the limited edition of the Holy f**k hot sauce by The Rib Man– sweet, smokey, nicely hot, this made-to-order red elixir is absolutely delicious (and long gone by now…)! Real crafters as we like ’em, so help them reach the next level on kickstarter.

Holy Fuck Hot Sauce
Holy Fuck Hot Sauce by The Rib Man

We also tried the tacos sampler from El Taco Truck, who came all the way from Sweden to share their goodness! Mind-blowing layers of flavours and damn close to the real thing, minus the Caribbean sea & sun.

Taco trio by El Taco Truck
Taco trio by El Taco Truck
All the way from Sweden El Taco
Check out the thumb of this awesome dude!


Also a remarkable dish was the neat carrot & coconut soup with ginger and sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of chilli powder on top, from the lovely Dutch van Buskruid. So good!!

Carrot & Coconut soup by <a href="">Buskruid</a>
Carrot & Coconut soup by Buskruid


We also loved the slow-braised pork bun from The Tinderbox, nicely sweet and smooth with some very fresh pickled cucumber. Their mini-caravan fitted with a wood-oven was just awesome! A must for your casual family picnic!

Braised pork by <a href="">The Tinderbox</a>
Braised pork by The Tinderbox

The pork belly buns from Bao London, nice and sweet with loads of cilantro and juicy caramelised greasiness, were also pretty good.

Slow braised pork belly bun BAO
Slow braised pork belly bun BAO London

BAO London Food foor all

Finally, we succumbed to a warm fish chowder with a lovely toasted cheese scone with butter by Katie & Kim’s kitchen – a cooking duo from Bristol. Simple, but so effective!

Chowder by
Fish chowder and cheese scone by Katie and Kim’s Kitchen

Stovies by Meringue by <a href=""

As our stomachs were getting dangerously close to explosion, we had to stop eating. But kept on shooting, mind you! Enjoy our “tiny” selection below of what we wish we tried. To learn more about each of these stands, have a look at the full participants line-up.

Street Food Europe The Cotton Club

All in all a very awesome event, with friendly people all over the place, a great and relaxed atmosphere, and loads of fun. Warmly recommended and we’re absolutely hooked and waiting for the next Tweat up gig!

Käsespätzle by <a href="">Heisser Hobel</a>
Käsespätzle by Heisser Hobel
No lobster roll by <a href="">Tongue'n cheek</a>
No lobster roll by Tongue’n cheek
<a href="">Bunsmobile</a>
Wild Rover Food
Wild Rover Food

Wild Rover FoodHot Dog by anonymous

Vegetarian goodness at <a href="">Manjit’s Kitchen</a>
Vegetarian goodness at Manjit’s Kitchen
Vegetarian goodness at
Candy floss by <a href="">The Cotton Club</a> Candy floss by The Cotton Club



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