Food Truck Festival – Lausanne, Switzerland

Hello lovely people! We didn’t post content in a looooong looong time simply because over the last few months we were on the move. But here we are now, in Lausanne, a very nice city in Switzerland on the Geneva lake (or Lac Léman like it’s actually called).


Although having experienced London’s effervescent street food scene, which is in a category of its own, we’re happy to report that there’s a vibrant and growing food scene in this corner of the world. This week-end we had the chance to meet some of the best food trucks from Switzerland, just a few minutes from our home during the Food Truck Festival. This event was organised by an awesome association of local foodies, called Lausanne à table, who runs a bunch of food-related events all year around. I’m sure we’ll soon be back at their next events!


The food scene here came a long way in the last decade, but obviously don’t expect the variety found in the UK/US. Nevertheless, we definitely sampled some delicious treats and got to meet many local producers.


There were more than 40 trucks to choose from, so we had to carefully pick what to pack in out two bellies. But from all the things we tried what really stood out were the chicharron sandwich and ceviche from Mamacha’s, the soft and crunchy sliced pizza from Nero’s, the really good arepas from Panares gourmet, or the Kürtőskalács from Petite Hanna, and not to mention the delicious handmade ice creams from Thyme to eat.

A very cool event, it’s great to discover the local scene and can’t wait for the next events! Just scroll down to see why, bon appétit!

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