Crafters at the Experimental Food Society

Among our escapades in the last weeks, we checked out the Experimental Food Society Spectacular exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery around Brick Lane, in London. In their own words:

Founded in 2010 by Alexa Perrin, the Experimental Food Society is an organization formed to front the UK’s most talented and pioneering culinary creatives, featuring ground-breaking gourmet artists that will challenge your perception of food.

The exhibition was a rare opportunity to meet (and eat!) the creations of some of the crafters that push the boundaries of contemporary food making, and we wanted to share some of the funkiest creations & crafters we’ve met.

experimental-food-society-2 experimental-food-society-13 experimental-food-society-9

Lick me I’m delicious – Crazy inventor Charlie Harry Francis has been making the most delicious ice creams using his steampunk machines and some liquid nitrogen. His concept: make any flavour of ice-cream on the spot any time! Absolutely cool and we can’t wait to see their lunar rover and eat more of their out of this world creations!

experimental-food-society-3 experimental-food-society-4

Carl Warner – Carl is photographer that creates amazing landscapes entirely made with food. We could see Venice’s Rialto bridge built with pasta and matzo bread. Sadly not edible, but pretty cool, so absolutely check out his website.

experimental-food-society-7 experimental-food-society-8

Paul Wayne Gregory – One of the leading chocolatiers in England, we had to pop a bite of his creations and we can tell it’s seriously good!


Historical Bitters – As you surely know, we love cocktails. And as anyone who loves their cocktails, a serious bitter is a must. So how about war flavours? As in a bitters made with moisture extracted from Churchill’s war rooms and infused with tobacco and more badass ingredients. Yes, this is what the historical bitters are (although we found the cinnamon notes in Conan Doyle’s moisture to be more on par with our taste).


There were many more wonders to eat and try, among which Rosalind Miller CakesThe Meringue Girls, sadly our stomachs couldn’t handle much more. Also, loads of cool artists, innovators, and inventions were around such as Edible Stories, Camellia’s Tea house, Broccoli bread from Plan Bread, or Dermot Flynn (the toast artist).

experimental-food-society-14 experimental-food-society-10 experimental-food-society-6 experimental-food-society-5 experimental-food-society-1experimental-food-society-15

Yes, it’s the Queen. And she’s made out of sugar (artwork by Michelle Wibowo).




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