Chilli Chilli Bang Bang

Some like it hot. Others like it very *very* hot, and for those the CCBB festival was the place to be on the weekend of 09-10 May. The latest coup by the Street Feast London gang (who organised the London Street Feast and Hawker house, among others) was a piquant gathering of the most exciting stalls in London’s street food scene who provided outrageously spicy fares.


Naga jolokias, ghost peppers, and other habaneros were virtually on every stands’ menu, and the extra heat helped forget the occasional rain drops. The food from over 15 countries was excellente as usual, especially with some shots of tequila and the nice selection of mezcals on offer. The usual suspects were around: Mexican dishes from Wahaca, Italian from Pizza Pilgrims, Indian from Rola Wala and Roti Chai, Peruvian from Andina, Sichuanese from Bar Shu, Thai from Som Saa, Japanese from Nanban and Yum Bun, as well as US favourites from SmokeStakB.O.B.’s Lobster and Slider BarRococo sweeten the spiced-up atmosphere with its award-winning chilli chocolate. Sadly, we missed the food demonstrations by many of London’s top chefs (Giorgio Locatelli, Thomasina Miers, Anna Hansen, Atul Kochhar, and many more).

Enjoy the pictures and watch out for our next post on the most exciting hot sauces around the world!




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