The modern food industry made us lose contact with what we eat and where our food comes from. Sadly, most of the standardised and mass-produced food we consume is harming ourselves and the planet.

The great news is we can change this!

There are many food makers that create exceptional food that is good for people, for the community and for the planet. Promoting those makers – the FoodCrafters – and thus inspiring people to choose them on a regular basis has the strong potential to benefit everyone’s lives and reduce the environmental footprint of food systems.

We are bringing FoodCrafters back on the front line.

Our Vision is a world where everyone has access to good food, daily. For us, everyone has an opportunity to make and enjoy food, as a producer and consumer, and to improve their lives through good food. This vision rests upon a simple, yet generous definition of good food: healthy, high-quality, authentic and tasty, supporting local communities, and minimising environmental impacts.

Our Mission is to help and inspire everyone to eat better. For this, we explore the world to discover and promote food artisans, farmers, restaurateurs, brewers and alike that believe in and share our values for good food. 

About us

We’re Flavia & Vlad, two food passionates working and eating – sorry, living – in Lausanne, Switzerland. We created to spread the love for good food worldwide. To say hi, simply send us an email.